Professional visits and experience in the UK and abroad

The IBD Partnership is a sending organisation helping and supporting British organisations, enterprises and individual students a possibility to participate in EU and otherwise funded projects abroad and gain professional experience.

If you already have a project or just started the preparation of your project, please contact IBD Partnership and we can help you.

Professional visits and seminars are a great way to increase your career possibilities and to broaden perspective, gain valuable knowledge in your professional sector. Not to mention personal and professional growth in international environment.

How we can help?

  • We can advise you about the possibilities in your chosen educational field or professional sector and or your chosen country.
  • We can assure the most suitable work placements for your students, trainees or your organisation’s members. Our partners are reliable and professional hosting organisations.
  • All practical details of the project are managed and organised by us and our partners. IBD will manage accommodation, transports, welcoming and monitoring during the project, cultural visits, language courses, necessary documentation etc.
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