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Host families needed in Southampton and Brighton!

If you have a spare bedroom you can earn additional income....
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The IBD Partnership – multi-sector professional consultancy services

The IBD Partnership is a British education and business consultancy managing education projects from the EU and the rest of the world. We have been working for over 10 years and currently cooperate with more than 15 EU countries welcoming around 1000 students each year.

We have an individual approach to each of our students and partners. As a result, we provide a quality bespoke service to everyone!

As an educational consultancy, we organise training programmes in the UK and abroad. We actively participate within Erasmus+, both as a sending and receiving organisation. IBD Partnership can organise and manage educational projects in the UK, Europe and overseas.

As a business consultancy, IBD Partnership can help by analysing existing business situations and suggesting possible improvements, providing consultation on the local and overseas marketing possibilities, finding suitable partnerships, as well as provide ideas on how to deal with urgent situations.

“Your potential – Maximised”