Crisis management

It is always better to be prepared than sorry. The IBD Partnership can help you and your company to develop plans for crisis management and business continuity.

The plan needs to be relevant to your specific sector. It will detail:

  • The key business functions you need to get operating as quickly as possible and the resources you’ll need to do so.
  • The roles of individuāls in the emergency.
  • Making the most of the first hour after an emergency occurs is essential inminimising the impact. As a result, your plan needs to explain the immediate actions to be taken.
  • We will help you to consider whether you’ll need to give staff specific training to enable them to fulfil their responsibilities in an emergency situation.
  • We will arrange the plan in the form of checklists to make sure that key steps are followed.
  • We will include contact details for those you’re likely to have to notify in an emergency.
  • We will details of service-providers.
  • We will set out how you’ll deal with possible media interest in an incident.

Ask us for consultation on how to prepare you the best for the worst!

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