Welcome to the students from Czech Republic and Germany!

A group of 12 Czech students arrived this Sunday, as well as 3 individual German students. On sunny Monday afternoon, they had a city tour around Portsmouth! The Czech students will have their two week internship as garage mechanics. The German students are administration specialists.

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Welcome to the group from Poland! City tour around Portsmouth!

Yesterday a group of 10 Polish students and 3 teachers arrived in Portsmouth. They will stay for two weeks in order to gain professional experience in logistics and transport industry, as well as warehouse administration.

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A group from Latvia during the city tour

This Sunday a group from Latvia arrived in Portsmouth. They will spend the next four weeks to gain more professional skills and improve their language skills, as well as visit some local sites like Stonehenge and Salisbury. The participants are training in various sectors like hospitality and catering, veterinary services, sewing and care sector.

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