Few years ago IBD Partnership was mentioned in the article “Two in five employees adopt flexible working regime, to avoid commute” in HR Magazine:

“One example of a firm that strives to minimise commuting for its management and staff is Portsmouth-based business and education consultancy, The IBD Partnership.

Raja Ali, CEO, added: “I know from personal experience that commuting is a mental and physical drain, and one that easily knocks work-life balance out of kilter and saps productivity. So with our staff we try to be flexible and work where, when and how it suits us to get the job done most effectively. In my business, we no longer have a fixed desk for each member of staff, where they work all day every day.” ”

Read the full article here: http://www.hrmagazine.co.uk/article-details/two-in-five-employees-adopt-flexible-working-regime-to-avoid-commute