A group of Austrian students spent a period of 4 weeks in Portsmouth. Please find below a short description about their experience in UK:

“The people here in Portsmouth were very friendly and we were very warmly welcomed in the host families and companies. We also learned a lot of new things in our jobs and the colleagues were also really nice. For example, I worked at a tea company which was a very big adventure for me because normally I am working in a fruit and vegetables department and I learned a lot about tea and the English tea factories and how to make the perfect tea and also how to serve the customers.

My friend is placed at Engineering company and he is working with CNC machines where he is going drilling and milling jobs. After the drilling and milling job, he has to check the parts to see if they are right. It is a really new and interesting thing for him because in his normal job in Austria he is only welding and grinding frames and stuff like this.


On the first weekend we were in London and it was a very nice day because we have visited so many attractions like the London Eye, the Dungeon, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and some more interesting things. On Sunday, it was a nice sunny day and we went to the Isle of Wight for few hours and it was really nice there. It was a very cool hovercraft tour to get there and to get back. The first English lesson was very funny and it we learned a lot and after we went on a shopping tour with the girls.

The following two weeks it was the same but one day we landed on a private house party which was very funny and we have learned here that all English people are very nice. We are really thanking you guys here for this opportunity and we will recommend this trip to every person around the work. It was so fantastic and amazingly relaxed here and we don’t want to go home. So we wish you enjoyable time”